Map - Pershing Middle School

Pershing Middle School is located at:

3838 Blue Bonnet Blvd
Houston, TX 77025
(713) 295-5240

A map showing this location with a blue map marker for the gyms (the one in the lower-center part of the map) is shown here and is available in a full page view (along with many other volleyball venues) at this link. Details regarding the specific gym location and parking is available below the map on this page.

Map - Pershing Middle School Gyms

As with all Google Maps, you can zoom in, zoom out, show satellite images of an area, and click on map markers to get directions to and / or from the specified location.

Volleyball event parking is usually available (during non-school hours) in the parking lots on the northern and western edges of the school with overflow parking in a small lot southeast of the gyms and along Braes Blvd. The following image shows the location of the gyms on the Pershing campus.