Map - Pearland Education Complex

The Pearland Education Complex includes the Pearland High School Competition Gyms, the Pearland High School Annex Gym, and the Searcy Ninth Grade Center (SNGC). All of these facilities are listed as being located at:

3775 South Main Street
Pearland, TX 77581-5905
(281) 997-7445 - Pearland High School
(281) 412-1600 - Searcy Ninth Grade Center

There does not appear to be a volleyball gym at the SNGC itself but there are multiple gyms at the other facilities including at least three (3) at the Competition Gyms facilities and one (1) at the Annex facilities. The SNGC may formally include the Competition Gyms and is frequently listed as a venue for the Pearland Tournament. All of these volleyball venues are shown, along with the SNGC, on the map below using blue markers. Parking is available in the lots north of (above) the Competition Gyms but is almost always NOT permitted in the lots to the south of (below) the high school. For worst case parking, use the lot to the east (right) of the football stadium and prepare for a long walk to the gyms. Zooming out on the map below will show all of the other Bellaire volleyball locations.

Map - Pearland Education Complex

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