Map - Pearland Bailey Road Area

One junior high school and a recreational center are located within very close proximity to each other in the Bailey Rd area of Pearland. Both facilities are frequently used as volleyball venues for the Pearland Tournament. The school is Pearland Junior High South and the rec center is the Pearland Natatorium and Recreational Center (PNRC).

Pearland Junior High South is located at:

4719 Bailey Road
Pearland, TX 77584
(281) 727-1500

The Pearland Natatorium and Recreational Center is located at:

4141 Bailey Rd
Pearland, TX 77584
(281) 412-8900

The school's gyms are located on the tennis court side of the school - at the blue marker on the west (left) side of the map below. The PNRC's back entrance is shown with the other marker on the east (right) side of the map. Parking is usually available at the school in the two large parking lots towards the front of the school on both the west (left) and east (right) sides. However, parking at the PNRC is more complicated with parking available in the back, between the building and the baseball/softball fields, but parking areas at the front of the PNRC, along Bailey Rd, are reserved for members only. Please read all parking signage to avoid being towed. Zooming out on the map below will show all of the other Bellaire volleyball locations.

Map - Pearland Bailey Road Area

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