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Email Groups

Bellaire Volleyball has Groups!

There are several Bellaire Volleyball oriented Google Groups that exist for our players, parents/contacts, coaches, and fans. Each group supports an email list which allows group emails to always use the most up-to-date list of recipients by addressing emails to one specific "group". Individuals can join (and unsubscribe) as they see fit; when changing jobs, changing Internet service providers, or changing team involvement. The lists are all owned by the generic Bellaire Volleyball webmaster and can be transferred each season to succeeding owners and list managers as needed. The lists can easily be refreshed each year to account for changes in team membership and fan following. Each group has a simple home page which provides information on its usage and how to sign up for the group.

I Already Know About Google Groups - Where Can I Signup?

There are links below that will take you to the homepage for each group but, if you already know that you want to sign up, there is a page with simple mechanisms for joining each of the available groups. The page with signup boxes is located here.

Are There Any Group Restrictions?

Yes, there are a few minor restrictions including security measures such that:
  1. list membership is reviewed by the owners and list managers and
  2. only list members can send email to the list.
These two measures essentially guarantee that no spam is ever sent to the group. 

A Group for ALL Teams

The first group is for messages that apply to ALL of the Bellaire Volleyball teams. This list should be used for general announcements that are relevant for all team members, parents/contacts, coaches, and fans; team-specific announcements and discussions should use the team groups mentioned in the next section. Because of the all-encompassing nature of the messages on this list, all team members, parents/contacts, and coaches should probably be a member of this group. This group's very simple home page (and instructions for joining) can be found at:

Individualized Team Groups Too

A group has been created for each of the Bellaire Volleyball teams. These groups are perfect for requesting drivers or snacks for tournaments, responding to various requests, and all of the other team-specific messages and announcements that occur during the season. The idea behind these groups is that team members, parents/contacts, and coaches should join but most others will be approved on a case-by-case basis. The home pages for each of the groups can be found at:
Questions on any or all of this "group" stuff can be addressed to the webmaster listed on the Contact page.

Please enjoy all of the groups responsibly!