FAQ: Tournament

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is there an entry fee?
A: The entry fee is necessary to offset operational costs such as venue rental, R1 referees, and other materials like program and payment processing.  The tournament is also a Bellaire Volleyball fundraiser which enables the team to safe transportation, athletic equipment and uniforms.

Q: Why are there two divisions in the tournament?
A: There are objectives for creating the Open and Premier divisions.  The first is the desire to have more close matches where the total number of points scored by both teams is closer to 50 (= 25 + 25).  In other words, we are hoping to reduce the number of lopsided sets where one team scores in the single digits before the set is completed.  The second benefit is two divisions creates an opportunity to have two Gold Brackets.

Q: Can teams with only 8th grade players play?
A: No. Traditionally, the Bellaire Volleyball Tournament has been for 8th grade teams only.  A growing trend among middle schools is to have both 7th and 8th graders compete on the same team.  Some private school athletic conferences allow "varsity" and "JV" "middle school teams.  Some schools may not have enough 8th graders to fill a roster.  This, along with other benefits, further supports the two division playing concept.  In the Open Division, teams' rosters can have 7th and 8th grade players who are enrolled and in good standing at the middle school.  In the Premier Division, 7th graders are permitted on the team only in the case where the school is unable to field enough 8th grade players on the team.