2012 Middle School Tournament

Tournament Completed - We All Had a Great Tournament!

The 2012 Bellaire High School Middle School Volleyball Tournament was completed on Saturday, October 6, 2012. We have been extremely slow in updating the tournament results and other information on this page but it will eventually happen. Please check back on this page to see the latest information for this tournament.
  • Pool Information - pool locations and match-ups with approximate start times can be found at this link
  • Tournament Handout - information for coaches (or others) can be downloaded/viewed using this link
  • Expected Participants - list of teams playing in 2012 are available at this link
  • Staying In Touch - information about our mailing and contacts lists can be found at this link
Tournament Sponsorship for 2012

This year, the BHS Middle School Volleyball Tournament has major sponsorship from Distinctive Life, a cremation and funeral services company with a location in the Houston-Bellaire area at 5455 Dashwood St, Bellaire, TX 77401. Additional information about our sponsor can be found on their website and they can also be reached at (713) 933-0356 or by email to jeff@distinctivelife.com. We appreciate their assistance in putting on a quality tournament that will enrich and improve the level of volleyball in the Houston area. Thank you for your very generous support of our tournament!

Distinctive Life
Title Sponsor for 2012
Distinctive Life

Additionally, this year, we have a Gold Level sponsorship from Westside Volleyball and two Silver Level sponsorships; one from Skyline Juniors and another from Southwest Speed. We truly appreciate their support in making this tournament happen. Our sponsors underwrite and assist with the many costs and expenses involved in our middle school tournament and we thank all of you for your support!

Westside Volleyball
Gold Level Sponsor for 2012
Westside Volleyball

Skyline Juniors
Silver Level Sponsor for 2012
Skyline Juniors
Southwest Speed
Silver Level Sponsor for 2012
Southwest Speed

If your club or company is interested in providing sponsorship or concession donations (with appropriate acknowledgment and advertising), please contact our Tournament Director at bhsvb.mstd@gmail.com for additional information.

Tournament Venues, Parking Information, and Maps

In 2012, our tournament will be played at Bellaire High School and Pershing Middle School. Addresses and information about all of our tournament venues are listed here:
  • Bellaire High School - map page (with gym and parking details) at this link
    5100 Maple St.
    Bellaire, TX 77401
  • Pershing Middle School - map page (with gym and parking details) at this link
    3838 Blue Bonnet Blvd.
    Houston, TX 77025

In the past we have also used the gyms at Pin Oak Middle School. We will NOT be utilizing their facilities this year but appreciate their continued support of our tournament. We hope to have more teams next year so that we can justify using their school as one of our tournament venues again.

Parking is sometimes an issue at volleyball tournaments but we are hoping there will not be too many problems during this year's tournament. Whenever going to the Bellaire venue, it is best to park in the teacher parking lot (northeast of the gyms) or along the west side of South Rice.

Tournament Admissions and Concessions

We use BHS Volleyball Booster Club parent volunteers along with the volleyball coaches and team members to help out with the tournament but there are still some items that cost real money (referees, venue fees, programs, etc.). Because of these costs, we charge a small admission fee for our tournaments. This year the family-friendly admission price will be the same as in the previous two years; $5 for adults, $1 for students (6-18), and FREE for kids 5 and under. This year we will use wristbands for all paid admissions. Once a wristband has been purchased at one location, it allows entry into all of our venues for the 2012 event.

Food concessions will be available at all venues. In addition to coffee and doughnuts in the morning we are hoping to add some sort of hot breakfast item for purchase. Snacks, drinks, and hot sandwiches will be available at lunch time and throughout the day. In addition to the food items, we will be selling Bellaire volleyball shirts, pins, blankets, stadium seats, and other items of interest for your volleyball player. Outside food and drinks are NOT allowed inside the gyms at any of the tournament venues. We thank you for supporting Bellaire's volleyball programs by purchasing from the various on-site concessions.

Tournament Pool Information for 2012

We start with the day as 4 pools with 4 teams in each pool. After each team in the pool plays the other 3 teams in the pool, the teams are ranked and ALL TEAMS proceed to bracket competition in the afternoon. The first place teams from each pool compete in the Gold Championships, the second place teams play in the Silver Championships, the third place teams meet in the Bronze Championships, and the fourth place teams battle in the Copper Championships. Gold and Silver Championship Brackets are played at Bellaire High School and the Bronze and Copper Championships are held at Pershing Middle School.

Here are the actual team pairings for the morning pools:

Coming Later Today!

Tournament Participants for 2012

The list of schools competing in our tournament this year along with their current entry fee payment and team roster status includes the following data:

Pool information for the teams is not currently directly available on this website but it is provided in the tournament handout document link found at the top of this page. Until the pools are shown here, please download that handout and go to the last page to see the current pools, their generic pool play assignments and match times. A generic championship bracket is also shown at the end of that document.

Until the pools are posted here, please note the following:
  • Venues are not open to the public or the teams until 7:30 am
  • The official warm-up period for the teams starts 8 minutes before the match
  • The first match of each pool (for half of the teams) starts promptly at 8:00 am with subsequent matches played as soon as possible upon completion of the previous match
  • The second match of each pool (for the other half of the teams) starts as soon as the first match completes and is scheduled to start at around 8:45 am. All teams should be ready to start as soon as the previous match finishes.
  • All teams compete in 3 pool play mini-matches in the morning
  • All teams compete in at least 1 full single-elimination bracket match in the afternoon but the venue might be different than the morning matches. All teams are responsible for knowing where to go for the afternoon brackets (ask the morning site director or tournament director for assistance) and for their own transportation to the subsequent venue.

Registering Your Team or Staying in Touch For the Future

To make sure that we always have valid contact information, we have several ways to keep people informed about our annual tournament. We begin the entry process during the spring before our fall tournaments with mass mailings of an entry form and invitation to coaches or athletic directors at over 120 public and private schools in the Houston area. This is immediately followed with electronic versions of the invitation letter which we send to all known athletic director and coach email addresses; the letter and entry form used for 2012 can be found at this link. Reminder emails are sent to all known email addresses again during the summer and at the beginning of the school year, just weeks before the tournament is usually scheduled.

As you can imagine, with coaching duties and personnel that may change from year to year plus the long summer vacation, it is not always easy to stay in touch and provide the most up-to-date tournament information. To improve communication in the future, we ask that each school confirm their school mailing address AND assure that we have at least one stable email address for your school's athletic director or volleyball coach. Providing one or two additional contact email addresses will dramatically improve the reliability of our tournament communications. The easiest way to update your school's contact information is to send an email to our Tournament Director at the generic bhsvb.mstd@gmail.com email address. Please use that contact email for any questions about the tournament in this year and for the future.

Our email list has been built from information that we've pulled from tournaments in the past but, this year, we are adding an online form so that you can add contact and tournament entry information directly from the web. If you are a middle school athletic director, coach, or assistant coach, please visit our Middle School Tournament Contacts page to fill in a form with information regarding your school and yourself.