Rules and Summary Information - 8th Grade - 2011

This tournament guarantees each team 3 pool play mini-matches in the morning and 1 to 3 championship bracket matches in the afternoon. This is in compliance with all known UIL rules regarding the number of matches played by a middle school team during a Saturday tournament.

Although a more annotated tiebreaker example will be provided on this page in the future (if time permits), the following tiebreaker situations from our 2010 tournament are good examples of how tiebreakers were utilized in the past:
  • 8th Grade - 2010 - Pool D - 2-way tie
  • 8th Grade - 2010 - Pool E - 3-way tie
  • 7th Grade - 2010 - Pool D - 4-way tie
Additionally, NFHS Volleyball Rules will apply to all matches with the following additions and clarifications:
  1. No outside food or drinks (including coffee) will be allowed in the facilities at any venue. Players, coaches, and parents found violating this rule will be asked to remove the items from the gym area and may be asked to leave the facilities.  This tournament is a fund-raising activity and we ask that you please utilize our concessions for your food and drink needs. Team members are allowed to bring in their own water and sports drinks but all ice chests/coolers and team tables must remain outside of our venue facilities.
  2. There is not a designated trainer for this tournament. Each school’s coaches are responsible for attending to their player’s injuries.
  3. Officials:  First and Second Referees (R1 and R2) plus Scorekeepers (3) will be provided. We make every effort to supply two Line Judges as well but, if necessary, each team may be asked to provide one Line Judge for each match.
  4. Timing:  Warm-up time will consist of 3 minutes hitting for each team plus 2 minutes of combined/shared team serving. The time between each set (game) in all matches will be 2 minutes.
  5. Scoring:  All pool play mini-matches are 2 sets to 15 (capped at 20) and all bracket matches are best two-out-of-three sets to 25 (capped at 30) with the third set (if needed) to 15 (capped at 20).
  6. Forfeiture:  Teams not having six players when called to the end line at the beginning of a game will forfeit the first set after one minute. The team will forfeit the next game and match if they do not have six players within ten minutes after forfeiting the first game.
    Time has been allowed for the changing of gyms at the end of morning pool play, and the venue Site Directors will notify the next site if matches run longer than anticipated.
  7. Protests:  Only rule interpretations can be protested, not judgment calls made by the officials. A protest must be filed at the time of the infraction and settled before the set continues. A committee of the First Referee and the two non-playing coaches from the pool will resolve the protest. The three members of the committee will vote to deny or uphold the protest; their decision is final.