2009 Middle School Tournament

2009 Events Are Underway!

The Bellaire Invitational Middle School Tournament for 2009 is going strong! This year we had 20 teams for the 8th grade tournament and are scheduled to have 16 teams participating in the 7th grade tournament. The dates for these two single-day events include:
  • Saturday, 2009-09-12 for 8th Graders, and
  • Saturday, 2009-09-19 for 7th Graders
Many thanks to our tournament sponsor, Houston Juniors Volleyball Club. We truly appreciate their very generous support which helps to make this tournament possible. For further information on their organization, please click on their logo to the right.

Confirmed Team Lists

A complete list of teams that are currently scheduled to participate in 2009's tournaments can be found on either the 8th Grade or 7th Grade Team List page. If you have registered your team and it is NOT listed on the appropriate Team List page, please email the webmaster (bellaire.volleyball@gmail.com) or one of the coaches listed on the Contact page.

Multiple Venues with Map Links

Venues for the 2009 tournaments will include:
  • Bellaire High School (see map and other information about our home court here)
  • Bellaire Recreation Center (with map information here)
  • Pin Oak Middle School (with map information here)
  • St. Mark's Episcopal School (with map information here) USED FOR 8TH GRADE TOURNAMENT ONLY!

Tournament Information Document

The "final" coaches and officials handout was emailed to all primary team contacts and coaches shortly after 1:00 pm on Thursday, 2009-09-10. Since some recipients had problems reading their email or the document attachments, a PDF version of the emailed document is available here. Everyone should feel free to examine this document as it contains rules, estimated schedules, maps, and other tournament information.

Important pool, schedule, and bracket information from that informational document (and specifically for teams participating on each of the tournament dates) can also be found on either the 8th Grade or 7th Grade Team Pools page.

Tournament results, standings, and all-tournament lists from each of the tournament dates will be posted on the appropriate 8th Grade or 7th Grade Tournament Results page.

Student photographers will be traveling to each of the tournament venues to take action shots (and possibly posed team pictures) of the tournament participants. Pictures taken by these photographers will be posted on the appropriate 8th Grade or 7th Grade Tournament Photos page as soon as they can be made available.

Additional Tournament Information

Admission will be charged at all venues and hand stamps will be used to allow same-day admittance at all tournament locations. Admission prices are $5.00 for adults, $1.00 for students six or older, and free to those children 5 and under. Concessions will be available at all venues and will provide sandwiches, snacks, and drinks at reasonable prices.

More information for coaches, teams, and parents attending the tournament will be posted on this page when it becomes available. If you have questions regarding the middle school tournament, please contact the webmaster (bellaire.volleyball@gmail.com) or one of the coaches listed on the Contact page.

Call for Bellaire Parent Volunteers

As in previous years this is a great opportunity for us to showcase the abilities of the Bellaire Volleyball organization and to highlight the wonderful volleyball program that we have. Bellaire team members will be signing up for various duties throughout the tournament but parent volunteers are also needed. Many of the current Bellaire Volleyball team members remember the excitement, joy, and professionalism of the previous Bellaire tournament events. Please see the Volunteers page for many different opportunities to assist with the middle school tournament and other activities throughout the year.