2008 Middle School Tournament

2008 Events Are Scheduled (and Now, Rescheduled) Ultimately CANCELED!

The Bellaire Invitational Middle School Tournament for 2008 was scheduled and preparations were underway and nearing completion. Hurricane Ike has now impacted the tournament and caused some rescheduling CANCELLATION for the more than 35 middle school 7th and 8th grade teams that were scheduled to participate! The dates for these two single-day events had included:
  • Saturday, 2008-09-13 now 2008-09-20 CANCELED for 8th Graders
  • Saturday, 2008-09-20 of some undetermined date CANCELED for 7th Graders
Venues for the tournament were to have included:
  • Bellaire High School (see information about our home court here)
  • Pin Oak Middle School (with map information here)
  • The Bellaire Recreation Center (with map information here)
More information for coaches, teams, and parents attending the tournament will be posted here when it becomes available.
Due to the hurricane situation, please check back to this page frequently.

Call for Bellaire Parent Volunteers 

As in previous years this is a great opportunity for us to showcase the abilities of the Bellaire Volleyball organization and to highlight the wonderful volleyball program that we have. Bellaire team members will be signing up for various duties throughout the tournament but parent volunteers are also needed. Many of the current Bellaire Volleyball team members remember the excitement, joy, and professionalism of the previous Bellaire tournament events. Recent emails have requested various types of parental participation and volunteers are asked to reply to their appropriate email contacts or the webmaster (see the Contact page) to volunteer for half-day duties that will ensure the continued success of this tournament.