Lady Cardinals Honored

posted Jul 28, 2017, 6:40 PM by Bellaire Volleyball   [ updated Jul 26, 2018, 7:04 PM ]
Three Lady Cardinal graduates from the class of 2017 received scholarships from The Anchor Foundation in honor of Brianna and Jade Robinson.

Ella Hawes, 2017 co-captain and three-time All-District Libero/Setter, who will attend the University of Texas in Austin, Ellie Shaw, 2017 co-captain, who will attend Texas A&M, and Evony Nelson, who will major in Mechanical Engineering at Indiana Tech while playing volleyball for the Lady Warriors were the 2017 Anchor Foundation scholarship award recipients.  The scholarship funds will be used to offset costs of college text books and other required class materials.  Stacey Robinson awarded the scholarships in a ceremony at Bellaire High on July 13, 2017.

Stacey Robinson established The Anchor Foundation in the aftermath of a tragic automobile accident which claimed the lives of her daughters Brianna Robinson and Jade Robinson. Both were Bellaire High standout student athletes.  The foundation’s mission includes raising awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and support families in the aftermath of tragic loss.

Jade Robinson, a co-captain of the 2016 volleyball which made the deepest in the state playoffs in school history, was major contributor on the volleyball court and an inspired leader of the Lady Cardinals. To be honored as recipients of this scholarship, Ella Hawes, Ellie Shaw and Evony Nelson, have found a meaningful way to carry forward the legacy of the Robinson sisters.

“No one tells each other how they really feel about each other because they expect that you will have the chance to tell them later.  I have learned to tell people how much I appreciate them more when I have the chance. Don’t wait for tomorrow,” said Ella Hawes.  “I still don’t know if Jade ever knew how incredible I thought she was. She took me under her wing and looked out for me.”  Ella Hawes, played alongside Jade Robinson her sophomore and junior years. After Bellaire Volleyball retired their number 5 jersey to honor Jade Robinson, Ella wore number 5 on her club volleyball team to honor Jade.    

Ellie Shaw was selected for an internship with Harris County Budget Office, where she creates videos on the impact of Distracted Driving and DUIs. “I was attracted to this project because this is meaningful to me,” said Shaw. “We hope to show the videos in driving schools and high schools around the city.“  Like Jade Robinson, Ellie Shaw was co-captain for Bellaire’s Varsity Lady Cardinals her senior year.  Shaw will continue her efforts to raising awareness about avoiding Distracted Driving while in College Station and at home in Houston.

Of the three players, Evony Nelson will continue her volleyball career at Indiana Tech and purse a Mechanical Engineering degree.  Although Evony arrived at Bellaire after Jade’s senior year, she competed against Jade during club season and knew Brianna socially.  “It is an honor to receive this scholarship; and, we all need to recognize we have a responsibility to put down the cell phone while driving.  I have great respect for The Anchor Foundation’s mission and Ms Robinson efforts to raise awareness about Distracted Driving and it’s dangers.” said Nelson. 

Coach Ap Clarke said, “Wonderful way to honor Jade and Bri. Pay it forward.”