First Week

posted Aug 6, 2017, 10:20 PM by Bellaire Volleyball   [ updated Oct 5, 2017, 6:08 PM ]

What's that?

"The first week of the season is over."

That sounded like a big exhale?  

Deep breath...exhale slowly!  

Tryouts, 2-a-Days and some of the most competitive scrimmages in Houston.  The first week is always tough....on everyone: players, parents and coaches.  I can say with certainty, no one likes tryouts, dealing with uncertainty while constantly being evaluated over the following week is unnerving and stressful.  Entering my 5th year as a Bellaire Volleyball parent, I can say the first week of each season has been EXACTLY THE SAME.  My girls enjoyed the week; but, were stressed and knew they were constantly being evaluated.

With each season, the newly formed teams are very different from the previous season; each with their own "persona" and "demeanor:" And I'm very excited about the 2017 Bellaire Volleyball teams!  Watching the scrimmages Saturday, these Bellaire teams showed a lot of passion, intensity and excitement on the court!  The varsity and JV teams are much younger than years past and they play an exciting and emotional game.  They are putting everything out on the court!  It's exciting and fun to watch!

Coach Ap said she "loves this group of players!"  Bellaire Volleyball JV is loaded in 2017. I saw Coach Martin smiling and giving out a lot of high fives on the sideline.  Rest assured, when this happens, a good thing is happening on the JV court, a very very good thing!!! Even Coach Tomlinson let it slip to me, that she felt this 2017 group of freshmen just might be the most talented she has had since coaching at Bellaire High.  That's really saying something as the freshmen "Chicks" have only dropped two district matches over the last three years. This freshmen class is very special.  Case in point, a number of freshmen will see the floor in a varsity uniform; and the JV squad is bolstered by youth as well.  

Bellaire is blessed with leadership from some very talented upper classmen as well.  Although smaller in number, the upper classmen are extremely talented and experienced with a returning 3-time all-district DS and a middle hitter with a newly aquired club national champion gold medal.  Juniors on the JV squad have made a habit of winning and demonstrate the leadership attributes which will serve them well on the way to another district championship.   

On behalf of the Bellaire Volleyball Booster Club, welcome to the 2017 Bellaire Volleyball Season!  Enjoy, love on and support our student-athletes and coaches as they make another run to dominate the competition this season.

David Hawes
Bellaive Volleyball Booster Club

SPECIAL NOTE: Please, please, please... if you have not joined the Booster Club please do so this week.  Give the money and form to any booster club board member.  We will have Potbelly Sandwitches delivered to the Pearland Tournament and we really want everyone to have one without jeopardizing their eligibility.