Tournament Sponsor and Volunteers

posted Sep 21, 2015, 10:09 PM by Bellaire Volleyball   [ updated May 13, 2016, 9:56 AM ]
The largest Volunteer event for Bellaire Volleyball is Saturday; The 15th Annual Bellaire Volleyball Middle School Tournament.  As we've mentioned all year, this is a "all-hands-on-deck" event where every player and at least one parent is expected to volunteer their time.  We have plenty of opportunities available to sign up HERE.

The Houston Juniors have generously offered us their facility for this event.  Folks, the rental payment is not going to cover their light bill for the day.  Houston Juniors is supporting us because this event enables so many young players to experience a large tournament they would not otherwise have an opportunity to experience.  This tournament is about sharing what our daughters have come to love and enjoy and work hard to accomplish.  Our partnership with Houston Juniors in this tournament goes way beyond generating awareness about club volleyball; it's about giving younger players a positive experience.  It's about knowing who is in your gym and how they will represent volleyball and conduct themselves.  Bellaire High Volleyball boasts more Houston Jrs players than any other high school team.  There is a confidence in knowing so many the families in our school program.  Houston Juniors knows how well you, Bellaire families, will represent the sport of volleyball, represent a competitive club experience and will represent Bellaire High School in the FAST Complex venue.

HJV understands what it takes to pull off a well run tournament.  The time and effort all Bellaire High Volleyball families put forward will speak directly to Houston Juniors and their willingness to invest in our event year in and year out.  When you seen Stephanie Rhodes or Kara Pratt or Tara Cross-Battle or any other HJV employee this Saturday, please take a moment to thank them and express how much we appreciate them supporting our event.

Please make sure you understand your volunteer assignment and if you haven't signed up for something yet, please do so ASAP.