Clear Lake

posted Aug 30, 2015, 11:08 PM by Bellaire Volleyball   [ updated May 13, 2016, 2:36 PM ]
The Bellaire Volleyball team traveled south east to compete with one of the Houston Area's Vype Magazine top 10 teams; the Clear Lake Falcons.  Clear Lake has a long history of success and always provides strong competition.

Freshmen:  The Bellaire Chicks are playing some of the most exciting volleyball you can find.  By the end of the freshmen team competition, the Clear Lake gym was rocking!  Coach Tomlinson has her team competing at high level in a short period of time.  With multiple lead changes and hustle plays, the Chicks traded leads early and then hit a bit of scoring skid.  They made a real come-back effort with some strong serving; but, fell short in the first set 21-25.  Tomlinson saw her Chicks blow up the second set crushing the Falcons 25-17 in a set where the score was closer than the game.  The Falcon faithful came alive for the freshmen third set.  Both teams played inspired volleyball.  Neither team allowed the other to build any kind of material lead and traded leads throughout the set.  The Bellaire Chicks played inspired volleyball but fell short; finishing second in a 23-25 final score.  

JV:  With the Falcon Gym catching their breath, the JV Lady Cardinals took the floor for warm ups.  Coach Martin had her players focused and ready after a good week of practice.  The Falcon JV is filled with upper-classmen and confidence as their season was off to strong start.  The JV match was competitive early; but, the Lady Cardinals looks focus and collapsed in the latter half of the set.  Mental errors and unforced playing errors plagued Bellaire as they beat themselves in the first set 15-25.  When it comes to volleyball, Coach Martin has seen and experienced just about every kind of competitive situation.  She regrouped the JV Cardinals, made adjustments and floored the "Mr. Hyde" version of the JV squad.  Bellaire bust out to a 9 point lead and kept the lead through most of the match.  The older Falcon team was resilient and closed the gap late in the set.  The second set was marked very long rallies, big hustle plays and strong hitting.  Needless to say, the Falcon gym exploded when the Clear Lake won the second set 31-34.  Bellaire had lost; but, it felt like a victory for many of the Cardinal fans.  The JV squad displayed a never-give-up attitude and great heart.

Varsity:  This was a grudge match of sorts as both teams had played in the recent Pearland tournament.  The Lady Cardinals had swept the Clear Lake Falcons two weeks prior advancing through the Gold Bracket.  Now the Cardinals were in the Falcon gym with over 200 of their students and parent fans whooping it up and cheering their varsity squad to make is clean sweep of the Bellaire Volleyball program.

The 2015 version of Bellaire High's Varsity Volleyball team is very confident and plays with a very high volleyball IQ.  They don't get rattled easily.  After missing the first two points, team captain and Spring Branch Tournament MVP, Sundara Chinn crushed ball down the right side line which bounced in front of the 10 foot line and landed on the back gym wall 25 feet up.  The Cardinals were not going to go quietly.  The fan noise and environment may have affected the Cardinals; as a few uncharacteristic mental lapses and missed hits kept the Falcons close.  Although Bellaire won the first set 25-23, the Falcons changed sides with positive momentum.   The second set was a tail of a different sort.  The Lady Cardinals came out on fire; never letting up with a 25-18 second set victory.  Complacency is the enemy of victory and Bellaire played the third set complacent.  Bellaire dropped the third set 18-25; allowing the Falcon faithful and a very good Clear Lake team inspired to compete in a fourth set.  Coach Clarke demanded and received a new level of focus.   On que, Ella Hawes popped a 3 pass to Megan Evans for a quick set to sister Maya who took it straight down.  The next play, Megan Evans distributed to team captain, Jade Robinson, who nearly put a hole in floor with a beautiful cross court angle kill.  Another perfect 3 pass and Megan delivered to Sundara Chinn who crushed an indefensible line shot.  Travana Mathews rotated in and owned the middle with kill after kill.  The Cardinals took the oxygen out of the gym with a 25-16 route in the fourth set; winning the match 3-1.