Clear Brook, A Proper Finish for the Seniors in The Nest

posted Sep 10, 2015, 8:49 PM by Bellaire Volleyball   [ updated May 13, 2016, 2:36 PM ]
Freshmen 25-17, 25-21

What we've come to expect from The Chicks is exciting volleyball; and, they did not disappoint all the fans in The Nest.  The freshman game always ends with the gym rocking and the competition against Clear Brook was no different.  The Chicks won the first set 25-17 with solid passing and strong attacks from the outside.  In the second set, the Wolverines did not go quietly; taking the floor with a renewed effort.  For most of the set, the teams traded leads where neither was able to separate by more than a two points.  It was a late game rally which pushed the Cardinal Chicks over to a 25-21 victory sweep.

JV: 27-25, 25-17

The JV Squad thrilled fans in the Nest Tuesday night; but, needed extra points to put away Clear Brook in the first set (27-25).  Bellaire got off to a slow start; struggling to stay in-system during attack.  Clear Brook defended the outside attack well and kept volleys alive against a taller, faster Bellaire team.  Late in the first set, the Cardinals began attacking through the middle and found some consistency in the passing game which led to an extra point victory.  Inspired after pushing through a first set win, the Lady Cardinals came out on fire in the second.  Improved serve receive enabled quick attacks through the middle of the court where the Cardinals held an advantage.  Bellaire won the second set (25-17).  Erin Eby led in digs with 11.  Setters, Elle Shaw had 9 assists and 2 kills while Mikaela Medina distributed 4 assists.  The Bellaire middles had a big night with Annika Bohmann putting 6 kills and 2 aces to the floor; making 2 blocks on defense.  Middle Hitter, Maddie Ogden dropped 6 kills down on Clear Brook and made 2 blocks.  From the outside, Toni Lott scooped up 6 digs and put down 2 kills.  Coach Martin said after the game, "we are maturing.  I like the way this team fights and executed the necessary adjustments we needed to make in the second set."  By taking the match in two sets, the JV set the tone for a program sweep of Clear Brook.

Varsity: 25-6, 25-16, 25-17

For the final Varsity competition in the Nest, Clear Brook arrived with a lot of determination.  But, it was not enough to derail the 2015 Bellaire Cardinals.  The starting rotation dismantled Clear Brook in the first set.  In the second and third sets, Coach Clarke put some of the newer varsity talent to work.  The Cardinals took this opportunity to smooth out the final rough edges before beginning district competition.  Parents, family members and friends were able to see all the Bellaire Cardinal Seniors play their final competition in the Nest.  All the seniors received the maximum playing time available and played well.  After rolling over Clear Brook, Coach Clarke said, "I like what we saw from our players who are not first onto the floor.  We became more talented tonight and improved.  We took full advantage of this competition."  

A good win over a solid team was the proper way for the Bellaire Volleyball seniors to finish their time in The Nest on Maple Street.